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Alexander Park Football

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Alexander Park Football

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Alexander Park Football

A few years ago our Alexander Park football web site was designed by a generic layout that was done by a parent of one of our players. We would ask the players to use the site for game time, practice times and any other information that we had to pass to the parents and players. After a few months we realized that not many people were using the site and when we asked why …the answer was very clear, our generic free site was boring to look at and did not stimulate any of our players or parents.


We called Halo Designs and after our first conversation with Natasha we did not need to look any further. Natasha made us feel at ease and seemed to already know exactly what we wanted. She added features that made our site look professional yet very user friendly and updated with pictures on a weekly basis. I was told by other football organization that our site was the place that most teams visited to find out what was the latest news in our local football community. It created a buzz at the park and instantly became the tool all teams used to get the latest information, printable or on-line forms and send messages to the coaches and managers.


I believe that Natasha became part of our team by adding new feature and links that she though the players would enjoy. She always had great ideas and when we had an idea she would listen and make it happen. We were excited to log on and see what was new on the site.


If any new client was not sure about which web design company to use all they have to do is spend 10 minutes taking with Natasha. She will get you excited about your site and the fresh ideas that she can make come to life.

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